Density Lifting Gustaf's Up North Gallery
Density Lifting. Artist: Gary Alan Nelson.

Gustaf’s Up North Gallery

Dwell and Delight. Gustaf’s Up North Gallery takes great pleasure in delighting in Beauty as we offer fine art, artisan crafts and gifts to see, touch, and share in our Lindström, Minnesota, gallery.

The mission of Gustaf’s Up North Gallery focuses on Beauty in the visual arts, and visitors are welcome to explore and engage the diversely beautiful Up North and Scandinavian artwork, photography, furniture, and fine art crafts on display and available for purchase

“We believe that Beauty is very powerful – transforming. Like a best friend, a good laugh, or a random act of kindness, Beauty tends to stick. Beauty is priceless because it unites, calms, comforts, renews, and broadens our thinking past the politics or events of the day. Beauty is healing.”
– MaryAnn Jindra, Gustaf’s owner

Our gallery exhibits mix two-dimensional art with three-dimensional fine art crafts in the same space. This allows the natural earth elements of clay, wood, glass, fiber, paper, and metal to “speak” to each other and to the fine art. Visitors often return to absorb the Beauty anew as Gustaf’s Up North Gallery is regularly restaged offering fresh experiences with each visit.

Gustaf’s Up North Gallery provides distinctive ways to experience Beauty, both in the gallery and in your home or workplace. We strive to mirror our Scandinavian/Germanic “aesthetic sensibilities” and diverse culture in our three galleries.

Gustaf's Up North Gallery

Gustaf’s Up North Gallery features art from the Bold North, from artists who paint, draw, mold, carve, and create works that capture the essence of Minnesota’s Natural Beauty. Up North fine art and artisan crafts express the uniqueness of the Northland, our home. We welcome you to explore traditional, modern, and abstract art that will add a northern organic feel to your environments. Explore …

Gustaf's Up North Gallery

Fine art – whether created by a professional or by a small child — deserves to be preserved for display and enjoyment in a professional frame. Having a strong reputation for thinking “outside the box,” Gustaf’s framing experts will help you choose the perfect design for your artwork. Our gallery offers a wide range of frame styles and options, from trendy to traditional. Pricing is more than competitive so bring in your artwork and learn more …

Gustaf's Up North Gallery

Situated in Lindström, “America’s Little Sweden,” our Scandinavian Gallery is the perfect blend of art, design, textiles, home innovations, and handmade furniture. The Beauty of Scandinavian design is perfect for Mid-century Modern and Modern farmhouse interiors.  Scandinavian gifts and home décor will enhance any home, no matter its cultural heritage! We invite you to discover the Välkommen and Hygee* Spirit in our Scandinavian Gallery …

* The Norwegian and Danish word for a cozy and comfortable mood where contentment abounds.