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About Us & History

Since opening her first gallery in Stillwater, Minnesota in 1973, Mary Ann Jindra has shared Beauty with everyday people who love or want to know more about art. After opening galleries in St. Paul, Minneapolis, and Chicago between 1985 and 1996, she and her husband John opened Up North Gallery in Lindström in 1996. Soon thereafter, the historic Gustaf name was added to the gallery’s name as a way to embrace the history of Gustaf Anderson, a successful Swedish immigrant and gold speculator who settled in Lindström after years of farming nearby.

MaryAnn curates the gallery, and despite changes in city or name, her galleries represent the longest standing regional collection of fine art and crafts in Minnesota. Operating without public funding, Gustaf’s Up North Gallery is committed to supporting artists to share their own perspectives and creative vision of Beauty in this private gallery.

With an eye for art that discerns what is innovative – and successful – MaryAnn has worked with hundreds of artists, learning their processes and techniques, and bringing their art into her gallery for her customers to simply enjoy, or to purchase for their own homes and offices.

“Fine art is the original DIY, inspiring all of us to be more creative and innovative.”
Jana Lensing, Gustaf’s assistant director

Co-owner John Jindra is the expert craftsman behind their professional framing services. He and their trained staff work alongside MaryAnn keeping the gallery consistently beautiful and inviting.

We welcome you to our galleries and invite you to let the art and beauty draw you in.  Visit us. Become part of our story. Contact us to introduce yourself and ask any questions on your mind.

about us
MaryAnn & John Jindra
about us
Phillipians 4:8. Artist: Gail StangHelly