Scandinavian Gallery

Not unlike the Up North Gallery, our Scandinavian Gallery is a welcoming space that invites you to explore the Beauty of art that embodies the history and heritage of Lindström and Minnesota’s Scandinavian community.

Come discover a gallery that boasts a spirit of Hygge, the Norwegian and Danish word for a cozy and comfortable mood where contentment abounds.

Valkommen Catalog 2018

Gifts of Scandinavia:  

(Click the link below)  Some items may be unavailable or in limited quantities; call the to place your order:  (651)257-1821 or stop into the gallery.  We offer shipping!

2018 Christmas Catalog 

All Things Scandinavian.

Given top marks by the Minnesota Swedish Institute as one of the most diverse Scandinavian galleries in the state, this unique gallery offers five comfortable rooms filled with art, home décor accessories, candles, Danish iron, gifts, and cards. Our gallery also features unique Scandinavian books for children and adults alike.

A charming Swedish kitchen – at the center of Gustaf’s facility – displays tableware, linens, napkins, vintage cookie cutters, Scandinavian wedding gifts and bakeware, jams, and an assortment of hostess gifts.

Cultural Treasures.

Gustaf’s Owner MaryAnn Jindra continues to find exciting new Scandinavian pieces for the gallery in addition to classic cultural gems for people of all ages, including children.

  • Handpainted Swedish Wooden Dala Horses, in many sizes and colors
  • Books from Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Denmark, including many children’s books
  • Holiday and Christmas Ornaments, including Nisse and Tompte figurines
  • Handcrafted uniquely designed modern Scandinavian furniture, wood wall shelves and wood bowls, plus Scandinavian jewelry
  • Ekelund Swedish textiles for a variety of decorative and practical uses


We välkommen (“welcome,” in Swedish) you to enjoy the Beauty of northern Europe at Gustaf’s Scandinavian Gallery. The timeless art and décor of Scandinavia will make you feel right at home – you’ll be saying, “You betcha” in no time, even if you’re not of Scandinavian descent!


Visit Gustaf’s Scandinavian Gallery soon.