Up North Gallery

The Beauty of nature, the elegance of artisan crafts, and the allure of our Northland combine to create the Up North Gallery. As the longest running independent art gallery of its kind in Minnesota, this gallery is a showcase of work by professional artists and craftspeople from across the northern regions of the U.S. Their skills are demonstrated through a wide variety of media: oils, watercolors, mixed media, photography, hand-pulled prints, sculpture, pottery, glass, wood, furniture, and jewelry.


With over 6000 square feet space for you to explore, our galleries are designed to be comfortable and inviting, creating a place for you to simply dwell. In the Up North Gallery you will know you’ve left the cities and suburbs behind as your mind steps across a woodland stream into the Beauty that the Midwest and Bold North inspires.

The Up North Gallery is a beautiful and relaxing place to experience art up close, ask questions of any sort, and get a true sense of the Beauty in the art and artisan crafts. From classic to contemporary, authentic to abstract, the gallery is engaging, and not intimidating.


There’s plenty of space in our gallery to move about freely and let your senses take in the Beauty. We want you to share our delight in the art, and there’s always an open invitation to talk about what you see! We welcome your thoughts and laughter, and we encourage you to come back to explore the gallery time and time again. You won’t feel like you have to be an art expert to appreciate the Up North Gallery (or any of Gustaf’s galleries)!

Whether you are an art connoisseur or an art novice, you can feel at home in the Up North Gallery. We’ve created a place where you are free to imagine how a piece will add to your already extensive collection of fine art or, simply, whether it will fit with your home’s décor. Instead of pressuring our guests to make immediate decisions, we offer a free out-on-approval service so you can try anything in your space before purchasing. We also have dozens of spots in the gallery to rest and reflect in comfortable chairs.

Come Explore.

Gustaf’s Up North Gallery invites you to dwell and delight, to experience art as you’ve never done before. Visit us soon. Contact us with any questions.

Get to Know the Artists.

Gustaf’s Up North Gallery owes its existence to the artists whose work we display and sell. We know their art is worth collecting, and that time has proven their work to be a wise investment. We are the ones blessed to be able to enjoy the Beauty they’ve created.

We feature artists of Minnesota, Wisconsin, and nationwide acclaim who provide us with works in two- and three-dimensional formats. Their works include:

  • Oil/acrylic paintings

  • Watercolor painting

  • Mixed media paintings

  • Photography

  • Hand-pulled prints

  • Pastel/colored pencil drawings

  • Woodwork

  • Handmade furniture

  • Glass sculpture

  • Pottery, and jewelry

Art on display in the Up North Gallery regularly changes and we welcome you to explore the gallery often to see the latest art by both new and familiar artists. View a complete list of our current artists here.